At the end of the day, we can talk about all the benefits ALL DAY long, but people trust real people. Don’t take our word for it, see what others have to say:

Rebekah Letch (@rebekahletch)

Lifestyle & Fitness Influencer
Co-Founder Radha Beauty

This is the most amazing thing I have ever tried. I have found my moods during PMS has been so good, my energy levels have drastically improved and my skin has improved so much.

Jessica Olie (@jessicaolie)

Lifestyle & Fitness Influencer
Yoga Teacher

My boyfriend and I have been using the powders for over a month now, and I have seen such an improvement in my boyfriends health. He hasn't had an attack in months, and my health is improving too.

Naya Rappaport (@nayitavp)

Yoga Influencer / Yoga Teacher

Today for lunch I decided to be courageous and try adding a spoonful of the green mix into my yoghurt bowl. It was amazing!! It even gave me a mid-day pick me up which was much needed in my line of work.