Nourish. Revitalize. Glow.

A simple promise of Exceptional Quality and Ethical Sourcing to provide the best Grass Fed Collagen and Organic Superfood Blends

What if a healthier way of living came to you?

Essentially Healthy was born out of the desire to improve the foundation of your health: your diet.

We have gone straight to the source to curate the finest, purest, and most powerful all-natural ingredients on the planet.

It’s a new category of super nutrients, a new level of fueling your body with the best.

A higher quality. An inspiring lifestyle. A chance to invest in yourself. A way to elevate your life, every single day!

We bring the world’s best supernutrient powders….to YOU.

It’s not a diet, it’s a way of life.

Rebekah Letch @rebekahletch

Lifestyle & Fitness Influencer
Co-Founder Radha Beauty

The Essentially Healthy superfood powders and the collagen have changed my life! My gut feels healthier and my skin glows from within!

Jessica Hirsch @cheatdayeats

Food, travel and Lifestyle Influencer

I just started using the Essentially Healthy Collagen Peptides and I love how it mixes well into my oatmeal every morning. There is no added taste or texture difference and its something I have added to my daily routine.

Briohny Smyth @yogawithbriohny

International Yoga Instructor and Lifestyle Influencer 

I'm always looking for something that can keep me and my family healthy, which is why I'm grateful and excited about Essentially Healthy. The blends are filled with amazing ingredients, and they taste so good! Will definitely be adding them to my daily routine

Brittany Cavaco @theballerina

Ballerina & Fitness Influencer

I love how the Essentially Healthy powders are not chalky and blend perfectly into my smoothies! The ingredients are organic and come straight from the source and to make it even better they taste delicious. Im really excited to have found a brand of collagen and superfoods that I trust.

Lamise Kaaki @lamise

Yoga Instructor

I am so happy to have finally found a company like Essentially Healthy that makes it so easy to be healthy! Their organic superfood blends combine so many amazing ingredients in one package, making it the perfect serving of nutrients to fuel my body!

Martina Rando @martina__rando

Yoga Influencer / Yoga Teacher

I've been using the Essentially Healthy powders for almost a month now and I've noticed incredible changes: I don't get that sore after workouts anymore and I deal better with many of my PCOS symptoms (skin, mood swings to name some).

Megan Lawing @northcarolina_yogagirl

Lifestyle Influencer

Essentially Healthy has become a part of my day-to-day routine that gets my morning started off right! I enjoy their products and the benefits they have to offer as well as how they meet my individual needs!

Kayla Nielsen @kaylalanielsen

Yoga Instructor

I love that the superfood powders not only give me an energy boost, but they also fuel me in a really nutritious way! Plant-based, organic goodness is the best way to start my day!

Exceptional quality. Ethical sourcing. Complete transparency.

We provide the best quality ingredients AND are fully transparent about where every single ingredient is coming from.

Use daily in your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks - simple

Shake Me

Into water, nut milk, or juice

Mix Me

Into oats and yogurt

Blend Me

Into smoothie (bowls)

We're confident you're going to love the benefits you achieve with Essentially Healthy Super Nutrients. However, if you do decide these formulas aren't right for you, for any reason, our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee has you covered. Just send the bottles(containers?) you wish to return back to us, even if they're empty, and we'll refund you in full right away. It's important to us that you feel confident and comfortable when you're trying something new with us - and we want you to know that your order today is 100% risk-free.

Money Back Guarantee

Imagine This

Waking up feeling rejuvenated, full of energy, and ready to take on anything!

You look  in the mirror and smile to yourself, wow, you look noticeably healthier.

Your body and skin feel and look healthy and radiant.

This is what you can expect when you are committed to Essentially Healthy.


Feel young and look radiant 


Healing & Fueling your body with the best ingredients on earth 


Stimulate, invigorate and support your energy levels


Reduce stress and add convenience


Boost Immunity and improve digestion


Delicious taste WITHOUT any added sweeteners 

We believe in our products so much we offer a 90 day money back guarantee on everything we sell. If this product doesn’t meet your expectations, simply send it back to us for a full refund. No questions asked.

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